Wednesday, June 2, 2010

8 Month old Thomas

I had so much fun photographing 8-month old Thomas! He is a very active little boy with a lot of personality. He loved standing in the basket and rocking it. He knocked it over once but his mom was right there to catch him!

He wanted so badly to walk around this chair, he did a great job pulling himself up but getting his feet to move took a little more effort. Then he wanted to climb on the chair. That one did need some help from Mom.

He also loves to put everything in his mouth. The other night he was at my house with his family and was trying to eat my feet while I was making dessert! This one with the chair is one of my favorites. (Don't worry mom's I disinfected it after he left.)

I love photographing babies at the different stages of their first year. They change so much and learn so many new things.

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