Friday, May 14, 2010

Special Events

Special events need to be remembered. These sweet girls, (yes one is my daughter) were celebrating their baptisms. What better way to remember this special day than with pictures.

For me, as Kiara's mother, I wanted it not only to be a remembrance of that day but a reminder of the importance of baptism and the promise that she made to follow our Savior, Jesus. I am so proud of her and the decision she made to be baptized.

Emily is a friend of Kiara's and we took a day and went shopping for these special dresses. The girls, along with another friend, tried on many dresses. When we arrived at the store I walked over to the white dresses and told Kiara to pick out a few to try on. She surprised me and said that she already knew what dress she wanted, when I asked which one she said "The same one Savannah was buried in." I cried and told her if we could find it, she could have it. I wasn't hopeful that we would find it since we bought Savannah's dress 2 years ago. We found it a size to big on a clearance rack. We bought it and had Lucy at Carousel Bridal in Jay alter it for us. It fit perfect!


Kelly Jordan Hopkins said...

Do you have any info in NILMDTS? I am not a professional photographer but have some decent equipment and have been interested in volunteering. My son passed away almost 5 years ago and I like the idea of the photographer being empathetic and not just on a job. I only have one photo of my son right before he passed, the others I took on visits. He went from borderline to passing away so fast we never had time for photos. I wanted to talk to someone who has done it, I'm just not sure I would be strong enough. Its been a long journey trying to accept his death. Could you email me with any info you might have? My email is



Tara said...

Beautiful, Melissa! Precious and Perfect - what a great way to remember and include Savannah. And congrats to both Kiara and Emily!